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5 Ways to Market Effectively on Instagram in 2019

admin - February 25, 2019 - 0 comments

Today, more brands are leveraging on the use of social media to reach their target audience. Even more brands would begin to use Instagram as a means to reach more younger people this 2019.

5 Ways to Market Effectively on Instagram in 2019

At the beginning of 2018, there were and that figure rose even more to by . This should give you an idea of how important it is for people to get on Instagram.

That being said, how best can you use Instagram to market effectively this 2019

  1. Let your bio be short and direct!

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people would see when they get on your page and you need it to give all the information it possibly can about your brand. However, it is also important that you keep is short, catchy and straight to the point.

Instagram bio has a maximum of 150 characters. In a few words, lets your audience know why your business is beneficial, unique and why they should patronize you.

On your bio, there is also a slot for website link, be sure to add that, and include additional accounts if any, but avoid unnecessary details.

Instagram also allows you to use hashtags on your bio, thereby enhancing visibility. If there is a particular hashtag you want to be known for, then, now is the time to put it up on your bio.

  1. Create and curate only high quality pictures

These days, you really do not have any excuse for using low quality pictures on social media. Good photography is quite easy to come by. Especially with phones being released now.

Instagram being a highly visual platform, so you want people to appreciate your posts and patronize you once they get on your page. What better way to do that than to appeal to their sense of vision.

  1. Carve a niche!

You do not want to be known for so many things so it is important that you carve a niche for your brand. Example, if it is a food business, narrow down your niche by asking the following questions:

What kind of food?

Raw or processed?

Lifestyle or Products?

For a photography business, you may want to ask the question:

Still photography or Life photography?

Product Photography or Art Photography?

All this is so that you are known for something and achieve top of the mind of your audience in that aspect.

  1. Tell stories!

There are two truths to this. Stories drive sales! Nothing drives sales more than storytelling. Tell stories behind your posts. Let people know why you are putting up a particular post. Let your audience follow your journey. Connect to their emotions.

Reach your audience on a personal level and watch your sales triple!

  1. Make use of micro-influencers:

Micro-influencers are influencers who have fewer number of followers on social media, but tend to reach and engage with even more people than the accounts with a massive number of followers.

This would not only help cut your budget, it would also help you reach even more people.


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