The past couple of years have seen a rise in social media users and one of the platforms ensuring this is Instagram, however Instagram in 2018 is different from how it used to be. In the past, it seemed to be faced with competition from Snapchat and Periscope, two social media platforms centered on video sharing, but like we all know, Instagram keeps changing the game, showing users that it has come to stay. Instagram is known for its continued innovation and this
is one way it has managed to stay ahead of the game – did I say “managed” – We all know instagram isn’t managing right now as they are doing very well, too well infact.

Last year, Instagram users witnessed some timeline (algorithm) changes that were not so favourable to the number of likes gotten on uploads and just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Instagram announced that it was changing its algorithm again in January 2018. *eyes rolling*

Now, a lot of people are wondering, what next?! There are a lot of questions in the air and understandably so! How can an account with a hundred thousand followers have just 10 likes? How can your instastory be seen by just 20 people?! In short, WHERE ARE MY FOLLOWERS???? WHY DON’T THEY LIKE ME ANYMORE????

Don’t get a panic attack just yet! Your followers are very much around. They love you! Best believe they do and they are also worried because they haven’t seen you in ages.

With the new instagram algorithm, your pictures are shown to 10% of your followers once you upload it, after which, depending on how much engagement you get from those followers in the shortest possible time, it decides on whether the remaining 90% of your followers would be interested in seeing it.

Now, how do you ensure that your followers engage with your content on Instagram in 2018?

1. The first step is Engage! Engage!! Engage!!!

Engage your followers, like their pictures, drop comments and do these regularly, so they get used to your username and when you upload, they can in turn show you all the love they have been waiting to share.

2.  Ensure you share only pictures that drive conversation:

Now this can be hard, because we all want to just post pictures of our faces or our product. However, you can change the game by writing great captions, and also putting up hashtags that are relevant. Ask questions in your captions to prevent spammy comments. Instagram abhors comments that are only smileys or emojis. Let your audience actually write or type a comment.

3. Geotagging:

Now this is the icing on the cake. Do you know geotagging not only your pictures but also your stories ensure that it gets seen by not just your followers but also people in the geotagged location? I bet you didn’t know. So what are you waiting for? Geotag your pictures, geotag your stories and slay your instagram in 2018 game.

4. Less worded pictures:

We know you want your followers to get all the information about your brand from looking at your pictures. Well the chances that they would see the picture, talk less of reading the “article” on the picture is close to nil. Try to stop uploading heavily worded pictures.

With these tips, you are sure to slay your Instagram game like a piece of cake!


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