This is a step by step guide for getting your account verified on twitter

Today the blue tick or the verification mark is a highest form of recognition anyone can get on social media. As pointed in “How To Get Verified On Instagram”, top brands and people will do anything to have this blue tick.

Though Instagram and Twitter are run by two different social media companies, it is almost the same process to getting verified on both of them. After verification, the verified account badge is placed next to the account name.


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Being verified on twitter lets people know that your account is authentic. Twitter introduced the verification application process to help people find high-quality accounts to follow.

Usually, people who want to get verified include celebrities, fashion influencers, actors, musicians, etc.

If you want to get verified on twitter, here is a step by step process for you:

1. Fill Twitter’s Verification Request Form

The Twitter verification request form would get you started. You should be logged into the account which you want verified, before accessing this form.

However, before your account can be considered for verification, here are a few things you should have:

  • A verified phone number to confirm that you are who you say you are and also help associate your online account with an offline entity.
  • An email address:  Twitter states that if your account is a company or organization’s account, then the email address should be a company email address eg However, if it is a personal account, then you can send in your personal email address.
  • A bio: Just like Instagram, your bio should accurately describe who you are and what you do.
  • A profile picture: Make sure that you have a great profile photo of high quality. Also, ensure that it matches across all your social media platforms.
  • Header photo: It is important that you have a header on your account as it points towards a complete profile.
  • Birthday: You do not need to publicly display the year. Also, if you are a company, brand or organization, you do not need to have this. You can choose to hide or make this information public. Whichever way, it must be included in your profile.
  • Link to your website: You may want to add a link to your website. Why don’t you have a website if you are a public figure or brand?
  • Privacy: Your tweets must not be set as private. Can you really be called a public figure if your tweets are private?

After setting all of this, you need to enter the username of the account that should be verified.

2. Check for missing requirements

When applying for verification on twitter, you want to make sure that you have correctly optimized your profile. If you haven’t, you would be shown an “Account Not Eligible for Review”. This would happen especially if you haven’t completed the requirements listed above.

To increase your chances of being verified, you need to double check the following:

  1. Your account should reflect your real name, stage name or the name of the company you are trying to get verified.
  2. Your profile and header photo should be real pictures of you. If possible, you should use professional photos.  If is a brand’s account you are trying to verify, make sure that the logo and other brand elements are used.  Having a consistent brand image helps Twitter confirm your identity.
  3. Your bio should state exactly the expertise of the company, or their mission. Also, if you are a person, your bio should be written in a way that portrays a sense of what you do.
  4. Active twitter account: This goes without saying that you can hardly be interested in verifying a twitter account that is inactive.
  5. Make sure that your Twitter account is active. You should not be applying to be verified on Twitter when you barely tweet.
  6. State your location. This would help Twitter connect you with people nearby.

3. Enter Website References:

You would be required to enter at most 5 websites that can be used to help the process of identifying you. Note that the essence of this verification process is to actually “verify” that you are who you say you are. If your official website is listed in the bio, there may be no need to enter this field.

If you have appeared in the news, or been mentioned in high profile websites, this is the time to share those links. This is proof of your public influence.

4. Let Twitter know why you should be verified.

In this next segment, Twitter provides you with a section where you should let them know why they should verify you. This is the place where you should pitch your best self as an individual. Let them know your positive impact, or instances when you have made news in your industry. You will also want to let them know how influential you are. Companies can use this medium to highlight their mission and vision and the strides they have made in recent years. You should also expand on your bio in this section. Basically, put your best foot forward.

This part is about 500 words, and so you want to make the best use of it.

Also, you can make a case of the likelihood of other accounts trying to impersonate you. This is in line with Twitter’s aim for verification which is to distinguish accounts and ensure that public figures are clearly identified.

5. Submit your verification request

Well, all of this would have been for nothing, if you do not submit your request at the end. After submitting your request, you would be sent an email by Twitter when they have decided to verify you. Another way of knowing that you have been verified is when the  @verified Twitter account follows you.

However, if your request is rejected, you can apply after 30 days. Use this time to go over the requirements and see what you may be missing out.

If you have been verified, you have to be even more careful with your account as you can lose your badge if your account does not follow Twitter terms and conditions.

Twitter Election Label

The blue verification tick isn’t the only determining factor of account authenticity. There is also the election label.  This label is a type of verification that benefits politicians and voters in the United States.

The Twitter Election Label  is a symbol appearing on profiles that are running for Governor, US Senate, and the US House Of Representatives. It is specifically created for politicians and thus, it is different from the blue check.

It helps users of Twitter affirm a person’s identity and that they are running for a certain position. It also helps users trust that tweets from that account are coming from that particular politician.

Though the election labels are temporary and would definitely be removed after the elections, the blue verified mark is an indefinite appointment. The election labels would be coming and going as the elections come and go.

To get the Twitter election label, you should be all of the following:

  • Are running for state Governor, or for the US Senate or US House of Representatives.
  • Have qualified to appear on the general election ballot.
  • Have a Twitter account that has been identified and confirmed as the candidate’s campaign account by Twitter and Ballotpedia.

What is Ballotpedia?

Ballotpedia is a non-bipartisan website which was created to help inform readers about politics at all levels of government. It is currently in partnership with Twitter to help identify the identity of those running for different seats of power in the United States.

According to their website, “Ballotpedia connects people with politics by changing the way they access the information they need to be informed about federal, state, and local politics. Our content includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics.”

You need not apply for this label. According to Ballotpedia If you are running for office and you qualify for a label, you would be notified by Twitter. You must also be verified by Ballotpedia. After you have been notified by Twitter, you have 10 days to opt out of the label application. If you don’t, Twitter would add it to your profile.


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