In August 2018, Instagram changed the game, allowing people request to get verified. Before then, being verified on Instagram was a herculean task and was reserved for select public figures and brands.

verified on Instagram

Most of these public figures got their verification through the help of digital marketing agencies. There was neither an application form nor a process one could follow to get verified.

There was even a verification black market. People marketed the verification check mark for a fee (It was that deep)!

Today you can now simply apply by yourself on Instagram without the help of anybody, and Instagram itself would decide if you should be verified or not.

Why would you want to get verified on instagram?

To a lot of people, the verification mark really does not matter. But to some, it is a big deal. You should get verified if you are a known figure who stands the risk of getting their identity stolen or even getting impersonated.

Also, if you are a business/brand, more people will now think of you as credible, all because of your blue tick.

However, you should expect that Instagram would not verify everybody who applies (If they gave everybody it would lose its value, won’t it?).

There may also be a number of followers which a person must possess before they can be verified (It is just logical, isn’t it?!)

Here is how to get verified on Instagram

It is very simple! Easy Peezy!!

  1. Simply visit your Instagram account
  2. Navigate to Settings;
  3. Scroll down;
  4. Click “Request Verification”;
  5. You would be asked to type in the following:
    Your account name,
    Full name,
    Photo of your ID if you’re a person,
    A legal or business ID if it is a business account;
  6. Click Send.

Days later, you would be notified about whether your account has been approved for verification or not. Though the timeline for feedback is not certain, it takes a number of days for most accounts.

Did you apply for Instagram Verification and got rejected? Here are some reasons why that probably happened!

1. You are not authentic: While this may be the least possible cause for your verification to be rejected, it is also a factor. Though, I want to believe that you are a real person since you applied for verification.

2. Your account is a general interest account: A general interest account is one which is used for jokes, comedy, meme roundups etc.

3. Multipe accounts: You can only apply on one account per person or business.

4. Privacy setting: Don’t make your account private if you are looking to get verified. This has to be logical no? Your accounthas to be viewable by everyone.

5. Your account is not complete: For Instagram to give you the verified mark, your account has to be complete in the sense that you should have a bio, a profile picture, and a number of posts. Also your bio should not contain “add me” links to other social media service.

6. You or your brand is not notable: This cannot be over stated. Your account has to represent a highly searched person, brand or entity. Also, if you have been featured in multiple news sources, that helps!


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